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Trips & Activities

We have 2 amazing trips planned for you during your studies to help you embrace the Thai experience.

Cultural excursion

One of the best things about Thailand is not the white sand beaches, it is the wonderful Thai people. On this day we will go absorb as much of the culture as we can. A full day packed with temples, cooking courses, massage and a little Thai dance. At the end of the day you will have had the true Thai experience that many tourists don’t even see, let alone participate in.

Adventure excursion

When in Thaialnd…Our course would not be completed without a little excitement. For this we have a few options, depending on the season. For the active traveler we have the beautiful Khao Yai, directly translating to big mountain. Khao Yai National Park has many animal species including gibbons, hornbills, elephants, squirrels and even bears. They also have a spectacle of bats that emerge from the mountain each evening. For the historians we have the beautiful Bang Pa-in. The summer palace is located and Bang Pa-in as well as the beautiful Wat Niwet Temple. Built during the reign of King Rama V, the palace and temple are built in a European style as the King spent many of his years in England. This makes for the perfect trip for some sightseeing, and not to mention great shopping.