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Teaching English in Thailand

Teaching in Thailand is an experience like no other. It’s a big leap of faith but, at the same time, a place that you can so quickly call home. Every day is a new adventure both in and out of the classroom. The students are various levels depending on your placement but all have the same kind, loving, curious nature. You will be blown away by how quickly each day passes by.

A typical day starts with assembly at 08:00. The school freezes like in a sci-fi movie while the national anthem is being sung. Classes normally start at 08:30 and run until 15:30 with a 1 hour lunch. The students noisily hop from class to class as they study English, Math, Thai, Science, Thai culture and History. Most teachers have around 20 hours of teaching a week with ages from 4 to 18 depending on the school. When the day is finished you can head home or go to one of the many popular hangouts around the city to unwind and reflect on your day. Or possibly go sightseeing to absorb your surroundings.

It is a great opportunity to work and travel as most weekends are free and the living expenses are very low. This means it is easy to save and travel within Thailand.

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