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Living in Ayutthaya, Thailand

090419 19 Ayutthaya - Wat Chai WathanaramAyutthaya is a town like no other. Bordered by the mighty Chao Phraya and Pa Sak rivers, this small island town was once the majestic capital of old Siam. Often referred to as the Venice of the East this town is bursting with great architecture; it is the perfect environment to rent a bicycle and get lost! There are many parks and temples to explore and one feels somewhat renewed and refreshed walking through the bustling streets. Tourists rush to the city everyday by train, van, bus and boat to admire the cities unique style. There are many coffee shops, eateries and all the western luxuries you could need, There are 3 malls in and around the island. The Ayutthaya province has a population of over 800,000 people consisting mainly of rice farmers and fishermen.


Being a popular tourist destination; Ayutthaya has an abundance of affordable and quality accommodation. There are many guest houses, hotels and homestays to choose from ranging in price from $400 for a basic room or $700 with a pool. We would be more than happy to assist you with finding the perfect place to stay while studying with us.